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Ask the expert: Selling discreetly


Q: I want to sell, but how discreet is it possible to be if you want to get the right price?


A: Space Station’s Russell Chopp says:

‘Very. At the top of the market, particularly with unique properties in a specific area, selling property is all about having the right buyers on hand, knowing them well, and being their first port of call.

With a big agency, they may have a great blanket reach, but they’ll give you an off-the-peg service that’s all about the number of views, amount of foot-fall, and visibility.

This isn’t what you need if you’re trying to sell to a very specific type of buyer. 

People come to us because they trust us, they know we have stock other people don’t.

We run a Black Book service where those who want to can sell without their property ever appearing online. It is this type of bespoke offering that draws buyers to us.

We sell properties in this discreet way on a regular basis and because of our excellent network of buyers, we’ve had situations where there has been multiple bids between buyers for these exclusive off market properties.

Often, the first a seller’s neighbours know of a sale is when they see the removals van.’

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