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Society in general is evolving towards environmental commitment and architectural trends, as a social manifestation, as well. The use of recyclable materials, self-supplying buildings and installations of all kinds that respect the planet is becoming more and more frequent. We’ve compiled the highlights below.

Warehouse style livingroom with exposed bricks and large windows

1. Industrialism and Minimalism

Industrialism promotes the use of iron, aluminium, wood, and even recycled plastic to reduce construction costs. It is characterised by asymmetrical forms, absence of surface elements, and simple lines.

Minimalism is the use of avant-garde and modern materials. It ensures thermal and acoustic insulation that help lower the costs, as well as benefit the environment.

Technology for automating home

2. Home automation and intelligent housing

It is an upward trend, both for new buildings and for rehabilitated buildings. Automated systems are increasingly in demand to control the temperature, light or security of homes. A smart building offers its users greater comfort and reduces consumption bills. Domotic architecture is a reflection of social awareness for the care of the environment and the need to consume the right.

3. Open and multipurpose spaces

The commitment to integrate different areas of the home to create diaphanous and multipurpose environments is becoming increasingly clear. This solution will allow you to enjoy more metres, the ones you gain from the eliminated partitions, and very practical spaces for the whole family.
Use construction materials that serve as a link between the united rooms and decorate the whole room in a coherent way, to gain space and light.
The integration of kitchen and living room is the most common in flats with few meters. But you can also choose to join the living room with the terrace or the living room with the bedroom. In the market there are folding and retractable furniture that will help you in these cases to move from one to another naturally.

4. It’s all about the kitchen

The kitchen has traditionally been the most experienced room in the house. In it we prepare the food and, in many occasions, the family gathers to eat. But it is also the favourite place for children to play or for guests to have an aperitif.

That’s why the architectural trends for this year give prominence to the kitchen, increasing its dimensions and connecting it with the dining room and living room. If you have that possibility, place a central island that serves as a water area and breakfast bar and visually separates the area from the living room.

5. The bathroom as a relaxing space

The bathroom is no longer just the space dedicated to personal care. Now it’s understood as the place to relax after a hard day’s work. Where to disconnect from the outside to reconnect with yourself during a shower that will release our tensions. And all this thanks to the design and decoration.

The new tendencies in baths bet for coatings in very clear colours or white, with tiles that facilitate the cleanliness and transmit calm and serenity to us. The shower becomes the main protagonist of the bathroom, be it a hydro massage cabin or a shower with screen. It is important that it has the necessary dimensions so that its use is comfortable for all users.

The simple furniture with storage capacity, to have everything collected, and an interior plant will create the necessary atmosphere to enjoy.

6. Unexpected combinations

The market offers such a variety of styles and colours in all building materials that it is difficult to choose a single option. That’s why this year will be trend spaces with a multitude of shapes and materials, combined appropriately.

Yellow in its different shades; from ancient pink to watermelon red; tiles with textures that imitate corduroy or tweed. In short, an explosion of shapes and colours that will affect the construction and decoration of homes and work spaces to create spaces full of life.

7. Reform, Rehabilitate, Remodel

The principle of achieving the best results while minimising works is a trend during 2019. Rehabilitating old buildings, and in many cases historical buildings, to give them a new utility is a process that we have been observing in our cities for several years.

Also the reform of the houses to adapt them to the new social demands and to provide them with greater comforts. These actions have the advantage of a lower economic cost than the construction from scratch of the house or building.

8. Enjoying the outdoors all year round

The terraces and balconies can be enjoyed all year round if you condition them properly. The trend in architecture is the glazed enclosures without profiles, the so-called glass curtains, which allow the space to open completely when the good weather arrives. If you have an outdoor space, no matter how small, you can place mobile stoves to combat the cold.

9. Tests with new construction methods

Structures made of recycled materials, such as plastic, or traditional construction methods will be implemented to curb environmental destruction and combat climate change. 

10. Passive houses

What emerged as a trend in architecture, the passive house, has become a philosophy of life and a way of understanding how the relationship with the environment should develop. The architectural design in these houses has the primary objective of using the available resources to maximise energy savings. Passive houses not only provide savings for their owners, they also contribute to improving the health and quality of life of those who live in them.

Architecture and design are changing for the better. As we welcome the new decade, these trends and some others will prove to be game-changers in the construction industry.

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