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People say that when writing, the first draft is the one you write for yourself. Whereas, the second one is for others.

The reason is that the first draft is invariably the knee jerk, the reflexive reaction toward something that isn’t right but needs to be. It is emotion raw and unfiltered. The problem with the first draft is that it is energy without precision. It is force without focus or direction.

The second draft is where your emotion is tempered, whittled and refined into a sharp instrument of surgical precision. It takes your raw ideas and focusses them on one point of inflection that can maximise impact. If the first draft is wooden club swung wildly, the final is a bullet aimed at the heart. It is the emotion written for your audience, refined and refined until it hits them where it matters and creates the right impact.

Our world is erupting in dissatisfaction. People everywhere are saying ‘enough’—with multiple exclamation marks appended. Injustice, inequality and greed are turning dissatisfaction into anger, anger into rage, and rage into violence. But rage is a riot rather than a revolution. It is divisive rather than inclusive, thoughtless rather than thoughtful. It does not represent humanity at its very best.

If ‘rage’ is the first draft, ‘irate’ is the second.

Irate forges dissatisfaction into positive action. It is the innovators, agitators and disruptors who are determined to funnel their frustration and anger into new creativity and invention. Artists who are sacrificing commercialism for inspiration. Designers who add passion to functionality. Politicians who place people above party. Land owners who develop communities not just their bank accounts. Entrepreneurs who turn invention into solution.

Rage is indeterminate and hopeless. Irate is determined and hopeful. It is Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., and Maya Angelou. It’s the dozens of creators and entrepreneurs who are burning the fumes of their passion to bring something new to this world. Something that touches us all with sincerity and authenticity.

Irate is humanity at its best, overcoming the odds, doing the impossible, changing the world. It is both subtle and dramatic. It is in the tiny details and the grand gestures.

We set out with a vision to create something that celebrates those who crave their own life. *Said with double and triple underscores.*

We want to explore those who aren’t interested in emulating a life style but who are doing something real, something vivid, something that inspires all of us to keep carving out our own piece of landscape, writing our own page in history, and making our own dent in the world.

The ‘irates’ are neither checked out to the realities of this world, nor awash in them. They are working to reshape them, to take our place in moulding a new reality.

We are ‘iRATE’. Thanks for joining us.

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