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Space Station donates 5% of all sales commissions to the Hackney Night Shelter

On any given night, tens of thousands of families and individuals are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness across Great Britain.

It’s hard to comprehend that this Christmas, more than 200,000 families and individuals in England alone will be experiencing the worst forms of homelessness.

Many people already living with financial pressures made worse by the Coronavirus pandemic have been pushed over the brink into homelessness and are finding themselves sleeping on the streets, hunkered down in sheds and garages, stuck in unsuitable accommodation or sofa surfing.

The HNS mission is to help provide routes out of homelessness for people in need in Hackney.

We were blown away by the amazing team at the shelter who selflessly help

the most vulnerable day in and day out.

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Tony Hutchings studio portraits of people in Shoreditch “Shoreditch Pioneeers Exhibition”

a collaborative event with Shoreditch Pioneers Projects in support of the local shelter for homeless people,

23 September Ongoing Exhibition


Shoreditch Pioneers Projects is an exciting collaborative community Project.

As community recognize our responsibility and share the common goal of wanting to support homeless people.

We aim to collaborate with fellow Shoreditch Pioneers, on a rich mix of exiting shows and events in the months to come.

By doing so, we hope to continue raising funds for the Hackney Night Shelter.

The very first of these projects is the “Shoreditch Pioneers Exhibion”, by Tony Hutchings. Whom, we started the Shoreditch Pioneers Project with pre Covid.

The”Shoreditch Pioneers Exhibition” is ongoing from 23rd of September to sometime in January 2022.



“The ache for home lives in all of us,

the safe place where we can go

as we are and not be questioned.

Maya Angelou