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Why we believe in our model



Selling your Penthouse Loft? Trading in your Town house?  Navigating the property market, you need an agency with expertise weathering storms.

Whilst on one hand the property market remains buoyant, during the obvious volatility and disruption, we felt changing the approach for all parties in the real estate transaction cycle was critical. Sellers want to understand the agents value proposition and agents need to feel valued for the job and expertise they bring! Here’s why our model is at the forefront of the property market in the UK, and how we manage the sale and buying process of incredible properties to members of the Space Station family.

Relationships, relationships, relationships

You’ve got the location, location, location sorted – but don’t listen to what Phil and Kirstie tell you, location isn’t everything. If you pick an agent who is wrong for your personal situation, the sale of the property you’ve loved, tended to, and made memories in will be a tainted experience from the outset.

Over the years, the relationship between agent and seller has changed dramatically: who you invest your money in is now just as important as where and how. At Space Station, we believe who you choose to sell your property is of paramount importance. You wouldn’t trust any man on the street to sell your house, but, by that logic, you may not necessarily think someone’s an expert just because they bought an office and hung pictures of other people’s houses in the window.

It takes guts to take a chance on a new selling model. When it seems like everyone around you is sticking to the old methods, you can’t blame someone for playing it safe. You wouldn’t book a wedding venue after the first date, after all.

Here at Space Station, we’re always looking to find members who share our ethos of value, appreciation of extraordinary property, and willingness to sell their property the right way. ​

Still on the fence? Let me explain a bit further.

Disrupting the property market

“The customer always comes first” is an admirable ethos if an agent applies it correctly.

Unfortunately, many companies list the property and wait for the phone to ring. The seller either loses patience and tries there luck elsewhere or go down the destructive and devaluing route of multi-listing, which opens up a whole different can of worms.

Our focus is on doing better, with less. Less meaningless expenses, and less nonsense. ​ We invest more in relationships; our brokers are encouraged to really understand the key drivers to help our clients achieve their goals. Our philosophy isn’t based on unrealistic viewing numbers, or how many phone calls an agent has made! Instead, they work with a strategy and pinpoint the right buyers. Our exceptional team of digital marketers ensure your property is fully exposed on the world wide web and if its missed, then the chances are it’s a caveman looking.

Space Station brokers come from a completely different perspective to the typical high street agent. They are skilled at understanding the buyer/ seller psychology and bring a clear, realistic perspective to real estate transactions.

How can they go above and beyond? Frankly, because they’re well taken care of. They’re partners. Properly compensated, carefully nurtured, and chosen to represent Space Station because they love providing great service and selling unique properties. The Space Station difference is that we give them space to take care of you, before all else.

We’re changing the game. Empowering real people, you’ll love working with, so they can do your sale justice – you’re probably wondering how we can afford to take care of our own so lavishly.

It’s simple. We refuse to take part in sub-par practices.

Here’s what we do best

By distilling our reputation over 25 years, we’re secure in the knowledge that when anyone in London puts out feelers to find somewhere special, ours is the only name on their friend’s lips.

A concise, personally tailored marketing strategy is at the heart of the Space Station model. Many high street estate agents employ widespread marketing, which focuses on getting your property in front of as many eyes as possible. Respectfully, we disagree.

This kind of strategy works for your average two bed semi. However, for an exceptional and unique property, it doesn’t work.

Simply put, the kind of people who are most likely to buy your house are not spending their lunch breaks scrolling Zoopla: they’re too busy consulting industry insiders, talking to people they know, and putting words into ears. They respect their time – which is why we respect yours.

Every time your property is listed, it costs money as well as time. Doing that more than necessary without a good chance it’ll payoff is sheer madness.​  

Worse still, the longer your property is for sale the more it looks like there’s something wrong with it, and you’ll never get a chance to convince people otherwise if you get no viewings. Imaginations runs wild, and your buyers will run a mile.

Instead, we work with exclusivity. As property experts, we play variations on a theme of excellent quality, rarity and once-in-a-lifetime..

Collaboration breeds success

Sell with us, and you’re in good company. We’re equally as proud of who we work with, as well as who we work for.

Our industry-disrupting approach to selling attracts the finest negotiators whose sales techniques match their outlook on life: integrity, hard work, loyalty, knowing when to speak their piece, and when to let a property speak for itself.

Not only will we only say what needs to be said to sell your property, we won’t sugar coat the pill.

At Space Station, we recognise the huge problem overvaluing presents to the property industry. So often, estate agents add tens or in some cases hundreds of thousands to seduce desperate to inflate sellers’ ego, leaving the seller with the assumption of a smooth and stress-free sale. But when the property struggles to sell because of-  

A. inflated unrealistic price and B. inefficient, stick it on a property- portal marketing, the agent will blame the “economic climate”, or today’s horoscope, or anyone else but himself – forcing the seller into a deal they never signed up for and stressing everyone out… while charging a premium for the privilege.

That’s not how you want your sale to happen.

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Unique properties require
Unique strategies

We deliver more than just a subjective valuation based on ‘gut feel’ and dated ‘pound per square foot’ methods. Instead, we fully evaluate every property based on its unique qualities and then we work to craft a bespoke strategy that will target buyers willing to pay its true value regardless of the ‘going rate’.

No agent approaches property with the level of care and focus to detail that we do. It’s time you found an agent that delieverd real value.


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